Long Range Development Plan Planning Principles

The planning principles in the UCSF Long Range Development Plan stipulate that UCSF list properties acquired through lease or purchase. In 2016, these properties include:

Street Number Street Name
3 Bayside Village
185 Berry St
1550 Bryant St
225 Bush St
2655 Bush St
3490 California St
387 Golden Gate Ave.
405 Irving St
1500 Owens St
1700 Owens St
350 Parnassus Ave
2233 Post St
2320 Sutter St
3130 Twentieth St

Illinois St

Street Number Street Name
777 Mariposa St
590-600 Minnesota St

UCSF has partnered with our Community Advisory Group (CAG) to examine the impact of UCSF on the communities surrounding Mission Bay and other campuses. Please visit UCSF Community and Governmental Relations web page to find current information about the Mission Bay Community Task Force and its recent activities. 

Click here to review the task force's Project Summary Report and Planning Principles as well as the commercial land use impacts of the Mission Bay Campus and Hospital.

Mission Bay Locations

Interactive Map of UCSF Locations near Mission Bay

An interactive map of UCSF locations near Mission Bay is available using Google Maps.  University owned buildings are identified by red pins. Leased locations are identified by blue pins.