UCSF Real Estate Partners with BuildOUT

UCSF PRAB group photo
L to R: Patti Mitchell (UCSF), Brian Newman (UCSF), Scott Muxen (UCSF), Andrew Mittleman (Jacobs), Ron Blaj (UCSF), Don Hill (Hensel Phelps), Megan Moran (Hensel Phelps), Vigor Lam (Jacobs/BuildOUT California), Jeremy Snell (Jacobs), John Whitaker (Hensel Phelps), and Paul Pendergast (BuildOUT California). Photo Credit: Christopher Dydyk

In honor of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, UCSF Real Estate is excited to spotlight our commitment to inclusion, and how this commitment extends into the built environment. Inclusivity is a foundational guiding principle for our integrated design team’s approach to the new Parnassus Research and Academic Building (PRAB). Together, we acknowledge our common support of BuildOUT California, the world’s first industry association dedicated to the sustainable development of LGBT & Allied businesses in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate Development.  

“UCSF Real Estate is committed to a vision of small and diverse business participation in the growth and development of our world class research and education facilities. The PRAB project will serve as an example, not only of UCSF’s dedication to creating opportunities for small and diverse businesses, but also of our pride in the team that will build our vision,” says Brian Newman, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor & Vice President, UCSF Real Estate.

UCSF celebrates LGBTQIA+ Pride Month across our campuses and through the inclusion initiatives of our progressive design-build team on the PRAB project, which includes Jacobs and Hensel Phelps. Together we are building a more engaged and diverse workforce within UCSF’s capital improvement programs. As a founder of BuildOUT California, Jacobs Prism Americas is enthusiastic about bringing UCSF, BuildOUT, and Jacobs together in partnership with Hensel Phelps for this initiative. Jacobs West PMCM Sr. Project Engineer for the PRAB project, Vigor Lam (he/him) notes, “As a gay, cis male on the project team, I am proud that our team is highlighting the importance of LGBTQ+ business participation, as well as the visibility of LGBTQ+ employees on the project, as a historically marginalized community.”

Shannon Gustine, Vice President and District Manager of Hensel Phelps Northern California, concurs, “At its core, the PRAB project is about connection to the community and collaboration, and we are proud stewards of that mission. As a BuildOUT California sponsor, we are excited to partner with UCSF in furthering our collective commitment to the LGBTQIA+ small business community. Together we will set an example for future projects in Northern California and beyond, through our team’s combined efforts on the PRAB project.” 

PRAB team members’ Jacobs and Hensel Phelps share UCSF’s vision for small business inclusion, a goal that will be furthered though our common support of BuildOUT California’s mission. Don Hill, Hensel Phelps Project Manager on the PRAB Project, says the Hensel Phelps team is enthusiastic about working with UCSF to achieve their Community Construction Outreach Program (CCOP) goal of 30% for the PRAB Project. “Hensel Phelps is dedicated to working with UCSF CCOP, BuildOUT California, the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development CityBuild Program, and numerous other industry organizations to meet the intent of UCSF in adopting its voluntary hiring goals.

Paul Pendergast, Founder and President of BuildOUT California acknowledges the significant impact of UCSF’s inclusion goals on the LGBT-owned and allied AEC industries, saying, “Meaningful change never comes without leadership from the very top of the house.” Pendergast added, “In the two years that BuildOUT California has had a collaboration with UCSF, Brian Newman has proven himself to be a valued partner and a leader who isn’t afraid to ‘lean into the wind’ when tough decisions need to be made. We are grateful to the entire UCSF Real Estate team and proud that San Francisco is once again leading the way toward the greater inclusion of LGBTQ, Minority, Women and Disabled Veteran businesses on major infrastructure projects”.

The 271,000-square-foot building, slated for completion in 2026, will anchor the revamped western end of UCSF’s main Parnassus Heights campus. The project will include the new research facility, as well as improvements to Parnassus Avenue. Read more: UCSF Plans for New Center for Collaborative Research and Training.