Strategic Initiatives 

At UCSF, we aim to anchor our work in equity by distributing our resources in a manner that increases the participation of diverse suppliers to provide access for everyone.

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UCSF Design & Construction Small Business Outreach Program

The UCSF Design & Construction Small Business Outreach Program enhances equal opportunities for design and construction firms, suppliers and businesses interested in doing business with UCSF Real Estate, especially for those business that are small and local.

UCSF Design & Construction Day  

UCSF Real Estate hosted its first in-person vendor diversity and small business event, UCSF Design & Construction Day on April 20, 2023, on the Mission Bay campus. Nearly 200 construction contractors and professional consultants particiapted, as well UCSF volunteers.


Conceptual rendering of the New Hospital at Parnassus Heights, which is expected to be under construction through 2030.