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New to UCSF Real Estate? This page will help you get started. 

From remodeling to new construction and space requests to furniture services, even if you don’t have it all figured out, UCSF Real Estate is here to help.

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Find Space

We provide services to help you determine if you need new space - and if you do, how to find it.

Change or Manage Current Space

Do you need to install new equipment? Remodel an office? Submit a maintenance request?

Start a New Study or Project

Our planning, leasing, design and construction teams will help you get started.

Design and Build

Have a question about specifications? Need to submit a Request for a Building Permit?



Work With UCSF

Are you a design professional, contractor or supplier interested in working with UCSF?

Get Info on UCSF Development Plans and Projects

We have information on current UCSF plans for development and projects for our clients, UCSF affiliates, and others.

Request Reports, Drawings and Maps

View Project Status 

Looking for the status of your request?  

Submit a Request

Request services from UCSF Real Estate.