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Alternative Materials, Design, and Method of Construction Application (BPS-810) 11/15/21
Amended Construction Document Application (BPS-809) 9/15/22
Annual Permit Application (BPS-807F1) 3/15/23
Annual Permit List and Closeout (BPS-807F3) 3/15/23
Annual Permit Verification Checklist (BPS-807F2) 3/15/23
Approved Fabricator Application (BPS-812) 11/15/22
Building Permit Extension Form (BPS-800B)
BPS Plan Review Application and Permit (Form BPS-806) 11/15/22
Construction Hot Work Permit Application (Form BPS-807E) 8/15/22
COO Request Form (BPS-811C) 4/15/22
Correction Notice (BPS-802C) 8/20/21
Inspection Request (BPS-802B) 9/8/22
Job Card (BPS-802A) 4/15/22
No Plan Review Permit Application BPS-807B 11/15/22
Preliminary Review Form BPS-806B 3/15/22
Special Events Permit Form (BPS-819) 3/15/23
Standard Cover Sheets and Title Blocks
TCO Request Form (BPS-811B) 4/15/22
Utility Certificate (BPS-802D)

Informational Bulletins

Alternative Materials, Design and Method of Construction 110 3/15/23
Amended Construction Documents 109 3/15/23
Annual Permits 107F 3/15/23
Approved Fabricator 112
BPS and DCFM Office Hours 106F
Building Permit Expiration 100
Commercial Modular Units 113
Construction Related Permits 107 11/15/22
Dual Jurisdiction 107A
Emergency Work 107D 11/15/22
Equipment Bracing Requirements 108 3/15/23
Guidelines for Use of Preapproved Details 108A 3/15/23
Minimum Submittal Guidelines 106 3/15/23
No Plan Review Permits 107B 11/15/22
Pre-Approved Detail Usage 108
Pre-Inspection Conference 102B
Preliminary Review 106B
Review by Appointment 106A
Seismic Review Committee Peer Review 116
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy and Certificate of Occupancy 111
Temporary Structures 119
Triennial Code Adoption 106E
Work Exempt from Permit 107C 11/15/22


Accessing the Review by Appointment Calendar (INST-4062A)
Alternative Materials, Design and Method of Construction Map (INST-410)
BPS Email Format Guidelines (INST-406C)
Campus Design and Construction Naming Standard 2021
COO Map (INST-411C)
Dual Jurisdiction BPS/DCFM with Local Permit (INST-407A2)
Dual Jurisdiction DCFM w/Local Permit (INST-407A1)
Dual Jurisdiction UCSF BPS/DCFM Letter (INST-407A3)
Dual Jurisdiction DCFM Letter (INST-407A4)
Inspection Request Map (INST-402A)
Instruction to Check Plan Review Status in Box (INST-405F)
Instruction for Submittal Uploads (INST-405A)
Instruction to Upload Inspection Reports (INST-405G)
Preliminary Review Map (INST-406B)
TCO/CofO Checklist (INST-411A) 3/15/23
TCO Map (INST-411B)
What to Expect from Building Permit Services

Technical Bulletins

Card Readers and Securing Egress Doors (EH&S) 
Gender Inclusive Restrooms (UC Office of the President)
Means and Methods 117
Modular Partition Anchorage 104 
Preapproved Seismic Bracing Details 2022 (BPS-808A) 3/15/22
Shipping Containers 103
Suspended Ceilings 118


Recorded Training List  
BPS 101: An Annotated Index of BPS Processes and Documents 3/15/23


Plan Review Submittal Status Report 


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