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Alternative Materials, Design, and Method of Construction Application (BPS-810) 6/15/23
Amended Construction Document and Deferred Submittal Application (BPS-809) 2/15/24
Annual Permit Application (BPS-807F1) 3/15/23
Annual Permit List and Closeout (BPS-807F3) 3/15/23
Annual Permit Verification Checklist (BPS-807F2) 9/15/23
Approved Fabricator Application (BPS-812) 11/15/22
Building Permit Extension Form (BPS-800B)
BPS Plan Review Application and Permit (Form BPS-806) 11/15/22
Construction Hot Work Permit Application (Form BPS-807E) 8/15/22
COO Request Form (BPS-811C) 4/15/22
Correction Notice (BPS-802C) 8/20/21
Inspection Request (BPS-802B) 9/8/22
Job Card (BPS-802A) 4/15/22
No Plan Review Permit Application BPS-807B 6/15/23
Preliminary Review Form BPS-806B 6/15/23
Special Events Permit Form (From EH&S) 3/15/23
Standard Cover Sheets and Title Blocks
TCO Request Form (BPS-811B) 4/15/22
Utility Certificate (BPS-802D)

Informational Bulletins

Alternative Materials, Design and Method of Construction 110 6/15/23
Amended Construction Documents and Deferred Submittals 109 (12/15/23 updates)
Annual Permits 107F 9/15/23
Approved Fabricator 112
Building Permit Expiration 100
Commercial Modular Units 113
Construction Related Permits 107 11/15/22
Dual Jurisdiction 107A 9/15/23
Emergency Work 107D 11/15/22
Equipment Bracing Requirements 108 3/15/23
Guidelines for Use of Preapproved Details 108A 6/15/23
Minimum Submittal Guidelines 106 (1/12/24 updates)
No Plan Review Permits 107B 11/15/22
Office Hours - BPS and DCFM 106F 9/15/23
Overview of Inspection Processes 102A 9/15/23
Plan Review Durations 106G 9/15/23
Pre-Inspection Conference 102B
Preliminary Review 106B 6/15/23
Review by Appointment 106A 9/15/23
Structural Peer Review 116 9/15/23
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy and Certificate of Occupancy 111 3/15/23
Temporary Structures 119 3/15/23
Triennial Code Adoption 106E
Work Exempt from Permit 107C 11/15/22


Accessing the Review by Appointment Calendar (INST-4062A)
Alternative Materials, Design and Method of Construction Map (INST-410)
BPS Email Format Guidelines (INST-406C)
Campus Design and Construction Naming Standard 2021
COO Map (INST-411C)
Dual Jurisdiction BPS/DCFM with Local Permit (INST-407A2)
Dual Jurisdiction DCFM w/Local Permit (INST-407A1) 12/13/23
Dual Jurisdiction UCSF BPS/DCFM Letter (INST-407A3)
Dual Jurisdiction DCFM Letter (INST-407A4)
Inspection Request Map (INST-402A)
Instruction to Check Plan Review Status in Box (INST-405F)
Instruction for Submittal Uploads (INST-405A)
Instruction to Upload Inspection Reports (INST-405G)
Maps to Plan Review Locations (INST 406F) 6/15/23
Preliminary Review Map (INST-406B)
TCO/CofO Checklist (INST-411A) 3/15/23
TCO Map (INST-411B)
What to Expect from Building Permit Services

Technical Bulletins

Card Readers and Securing Egress Doors (EH&S) 
Gender Inclusive Restrooms (UC Office of the President)
Means and Methods 117
Modular Partition Anchorage 104 
Preapproved Seismic Bracing Details 2022 Code (BPS-808A) 1/8/24
Shipping Containers 103
Suspended Ceilings 118


Recorded Training List  
BPS 101: An Annotated Index of BPS Processes and Documents 1/5/24
BPS 101: Recorded Training Session 10/2/23


Plan Review Submittal Status Report 


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