UCSF Seismic Safety Review

Comprehensive Seismic Review of all UCSF Buildings

UC San Francisco is conducting a comprehensive seismic review of its owned and leased buildings across the campus and clinical enterprise to better understand their seismic resiliency.

This current evaluation is part of a proactive UC-wide effort launched last year to assess buildings across the University. It supports UCSF’s seismic program and ongoing efforts to ensure that its buildings meet UC’s current seismic standards.

“Seismic safety is important to UCSF as we live in a state in which seismic standards are regularly updated, and this prompts us to make enhancements to our buildings,” said Chancellor Sam Hawgood. “Our current seismic performance review is part of the University of California’s systemwide effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all members of our UC community, faculty, staff, learners, patients, neighbors and visitors.”

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About this Website

UC San Francisco launched this website to inform the UCSF community about its proactive and multi-year review of its owned and leased buildings. This effort is part of the University of California’s systemwide program to better understand the seismic resiliency of UC buildings.

Here you can read about UCSF’s ongoing efforts to ensure that our buildings meet UC’s current seismic standards, learn how our buildings are evaluated by leading engineers and read their building rating reports. We will post all the building ratings here after each batch of reports is completed.

UCSF Building Ratings Summary Table
UCSF Seismic Safety Building Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome your questions and comments at [email protected] throughout the process.

UC Seismic Ratings

The University of California, in collaboration with the California Department of General Services and California State University, has developed a system of seismic performance ratings based on the existing California buildings code. Buildings are assessed for earthquake resiliency and assigned a rating. The ratings levels are:

I – IV

Seismic Safety Policy Compliant


Will Require Further Evaluation and, if Confirmed, Must be Addressed in Order of Priority


High-Priority for Correction


Must be Unoccupied and Access-Restricted

For more detail about the ratings and how they were developed, please see UC Seismic Safety Policy Appendix A: Expected Seismic Performance Levels

UC Seismic Policy

The University of California updated its Seismic Safety Policy in 2017.