Campus Planning

Campus Planning provides professional planning to guide the physical development of the university.

We support the strategic development of UCSF with assessments of campus space needs and annual updates to the multi-year capital plan that draws upon state, non-state, and campus discretionary resources to fund capital projects. 

Physical Planning oversees land use planning and site selection for major new construction projects and campus expansion. The group’s broad scope includes master planning, landscape planning, maintenance of the campus's Long Range Development Plan, and planning studies related to land use and design guidelines set forth in the Long Range Development Plan. The Physical Planning unit also prepares required environmental documentation for construction and major renovation projects to ensure compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).   

Space and Capital Planning works with partners across USCF to develop capital projects and annually update the multi-year capital plan. The group coordinates with the UC Office of the President to ensure the success of capital proposals, collaborates on proposed policy and process revisions and provides information required by state agencies. Focusing on space, the unit provides strategic guidance and coordinates the governance process for space allocation across UCSF. 

Long Range Development Plan

Read more about our Long Range Development Plan.

Team Members




Alicia Murasaki

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Planning/Campus Architect

Kevin Beauchamp

Executive Director Physical Planning

Gabriela Cardona

Capital Planner

Tammy Chan

Senior Planner

Neha Diggikar

Institutional Space Planner

Tracy Dudman

Principal Institutional Space Planner

Itaru Ebihara, BS

Project Analyst

Cara Fladd

Director Space and Capital Planning

Paul Franke

Principal Planner

Joy Glasier

Senior Planner

Sophia Lai

Associate Planner

Sharon Priest

Assistant Director

Diane Wong

Principal Planner

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