Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence team provides integrated information technology and services to manage and analyze information in support of UCSF Real Estate and the UCSF community.

Document management: Administer the UCSF Real Estate document management program by enabling access to information for decision making, planning and compliance and providing electronic record management consulting. 

Mapping and geographic information management: Provide spatial mapping of the UCSF built environment and provide access to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for UCSF. 

Project management: Manage UCSF Real Estate project management information systems to enable efficient processes, reporting and transparency.

Space management and analytics: Manage the platform which contains UCSF’s inventory of ten million square feet of owned and leased space and provide reporting and analytics to UCSF and the University of California, Office of the President.   

Team Members




Greg Colf

Director Of Business Intell.

Helen Block

Archives Analyst

Alvin Cantor

Health Space Management

Craig Culver

Building Auditor

Micaela DelosSantos

Business System Analyst

Mathias Lee

Business System Manager

Krishna Mudiyam


Lisa Rolfsness

Space Analytics Specialist

Kyle Smith

Associate Director, Space Analytics

Carolyn Tuft

Assistant Director

Bijay Tuladhar

Systems Architect

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